ayamachaichai. Monday, 21 November 2011

this post goes specially to someone that has always rocked my world, ever since she appeared in my life in 2008. my ayam biefieber lacto chicken pie, QUE.

woman, you dont know how much i miss you. so much for meeting you up over in kl at the end of this year. i had it all planned out. and now, youre going back to labuan and i wont be able to see youuuuu? let me tell you how this feels for me, SUCKS BALLS. how are you doing back there so far? im back here now, over at the rented house. there's no wifi here. boohoo. how much i missed our late night conversations on skype of facebook. haha.

in case the rest of the readers dont know who this woman is, she is my chicken pie. bahahaha. i've known her for about 3 years already, but it feels like ive known her forever. haha. she's the kind of girl that turns my frown upside down, and we always end up talking on the phone in the middle of the night. haha. she got me the cutest necklace anyone could ever wish for. thanks a lot, ayam! and and. we actually had all kinds of things we have talked about. from things like retarded flatheads to eye candies! this woman right here understands me lots.

i miss you so much eh. :( i need to talk to you, like face to face. i got lots to tell you. i just dont know where to start. hopefully ill get to see you soon. ayam, i pok pok you! and i hope everything goes well for you wherever you are. ill talk to you soooooooooon! :)
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