Fantasies. Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hey guys. Earlier on I got a special request from one of my friends. Someone i call Bulu. :P anyways, yeah. Her request? She wanted me to post about my ambition. So Bulu, this one is for you. Haha.
Back when i was a kid, i had all kinds of ambitions. I’ve never really stick to one. From a doctor, to a vet, to fashion designer, it got me excited back then. As for now, ive never really thought about it. Now that im in the tourism industry, i still don’t know what kind of job i would go for. Except, the the thought of becoming a rockstar has always been on my mind. :D
Oh yeah, i said it. A rockstar. I don’t know. But the thought of it fascinates me. Being able to sing your heart out, writing your own songs, playing musical instruments, seeing the crowd go wild for you, it just seems sooooo.... awesome to me. I guess i pretty much grew up with a little rock music? When i was in primary 4, i started to love Mudvayne and Lamb of God. Im in love with several bands actually, like Bring Me The Horizon, The Used, etc. I used to love searching for new bands. Im guessing thats the reason the whole rockstar fantasy thing for me is always on my mind. The thing is, i cannot play the guitar. I mean, i have tried to learn and take guitar lessons before, back when i was 16. For about 6 months in that class, i stopped. I  STOPPED. No reasons why. But then again, during those lessons, i only played 4 chords. Besides the part where i don’t know how to play the guitar, i cant sing. There. I said it. I cant sing. Haha. I can scream my heart out though. But i don’t know how thats gonna help. Unless you want me to sing like The Devil Wears Prada or Norma Jean. Still, i don’t think thats gonna be good for me either.  Oh well.
So for now, i can only live to my fantasies. I always picture myself performing in my head while listening to some songs. Some of those songs are
1.       Letters to you – The Finch (one of the first songs ive always wanted to performed. :P)
2.       Any The Devil Wears Prada tracks, where ill be doing the voice of Jeremy DePoyster.
3.       And and whatever songs that i like. Haha.

You may think that most of the songs out there are tough for me, especially when i don’t have a love-at-first-listen voice, or love-at-the-tenth-listen voice. And then i think to myself again, look at Hayley Williams of Paramore; she’s one hella of an awesome woman. I love her. A female vocalist, in a awesome rock band? Two thumbs up for her. I kinda envy her. Okay, scratch the ‘kinda’, change it to ‘really’. Haha.
So i guess that answers your question, miss starlight that shines so bright? Haha. I guess thats it for now.  I should probably get going. Go imagine myself as a rockstar. Toodles! :P
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