taking a trip down memory lane. Thursday, 27 October 2011

things have been a biiiiit different around here. new shops, new malls, new faces. how long was i gone? lol. still, they are pretty much the same. :) that night i was out with my sister for a ride around town. i forgot that i was on a ride with her, that i started singing my heart out to the songs in the car. i guess you can tell that my sister was kinda surprised my singing habits? i was practically screaming instead of singing. my friends back in college got used to me screaming songs. haha.

ive taken a ride around town, but i havent had a chance to get out and walked on the streets here yet. i gotta make sure i do. i miss this place, actually. i mean, like i said earlier, its great to be home. being next to my family, and my cats! haha. :)

i havent met any of my friends here yet. most of them are busy or not here anyways. some are busy working, or somewhere in kk. que? my ayam dajaj biefieber, she left for kl earlier this year. i havent seen her for almost a year? ohmygawhh yeah. a year! i miss you, ayam! and i miss my friends here too. hoping we could meet again some day.

as for my college friends, i miss you guys too! guess what? our results are coming out next week! im soooo nervous, as always, and at the same time, it kinda gets me excited about it? but mostly on the nervous part. and  thennn, i havent settled my rented house yet. :( i hope i'll be able to get a place to stay! i want somewhere near to college. and i need more housemates! so far i have my silly shisha and my insane crab. wonder how it'll be like to be in the same house with them? hehe! :)

aite, i think thats pretty much it for my post today. imma end it with a 'teehee'. so yeah. TEEHEE!

sharienna was here. :)

I say "GO GO GO..."

Sharienna is my name. You can call me awesome.


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