midnight. Friday, 20 January 2012

i am sooooooooo i love with Johann Pachelbell's Canon in D. it's so soothing, it takes your breath away. just when you need some calming downn, or some goodnight lullaby, i guess this is the perfect song. that is if you enjoy this kind of music. i fell in love with it the first time i listened to it. but i guess i heard the guitar version first and it got to me right away. i was hooked. i even searched for the chords and was so keen on trying to play this song. instead, i was left there, instrument-less. haha. so day by day, the attempt to try this song fades away. :( haha. but then again. the song is played so beautifully that i still listened to it over and over. here's the piano version of the song. hope you'll love it like i do. :)

it is 1.36am here. and i am typing this on my bed, lying down with the laptop on my lap.i should be sleeping by now but i just showered so im kinda awake at the moment? and its been a while since im back here. ive been pretty busy with my college stuff to be back here, i guess? come to think of it, i still got loads to get done before the chinese new year hols its over. i think i should be making a checklist here just to let you guys remind me. (thats if anyone ever reads my blog. haha.)
- my assignments. i have CRS, CSC, and Tour & Travel assignments to work on. bring in the coffee!
- revision. lots and lotsssssss of revision. there's bound to be lots of tests and quizzes afrer the chinese new year hols. and believe me, i will still be in the holiday mood when class starts.
- get my external hard disk fixed. thanks to my butterfingers, my external hard disk is now fucked. there goes my everything in there. i need to get it fixed before i end up throwing things here and there. haha.
- buy myself some new sneakers. what? i look like someone that doesnt really wear sneakers much? well. judgemental much? i need them! for my backpacking trip next sem. its been a while since i actually bought a new pair of sneakers what. theres always a reason to get new shoes. :D
- save money so i could pay for HOTOUR's dinner, fine dining, trip to Ministry of  Tourism, trip to Phuket, and the other things i need for those.
- speaking of trips, i need to get my proposal done. lots of work to do!
- start packing things in my room. my things are all over the room, its hard to walk from one end to the other. my things are basically everywhere. from clothes to drinks to books. sorry about that, room mates! i promise ill clear the mess. then maybe we could move out soon. :)
- have some time out with the people back in college. movies. bowling. dinner. lunch. beach. whichever. id kill to spend more time with each and everyone of you there. :(
- start working on my notebook book for next sem! im thinking The Devil Wears Prada? :D

im starting to run out of ideas on what else to do. i think i procrastinated too much that i lost track on what else to do? yeah. sounds about right. haha. okay. i should be going to sleep for now. goodnight, lovelies. cheerio! :)

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